• Cổng từ an ninh Shiva RF GE-1207
  • Cổng từ an ninh Shiva RF GE-1207

  • MSP: rf-ge-1207
  • Giá bán: 7.600.000 VND 8.000.000 VND
  • Nhà sản xuất: shiva
  • Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Số lượng:

EAS RF Antenna
1.Simple and durable
2.EAS manufacturer
3.Self-detecting & Anti-inference

The Anti Shoplifting Alarm System EAS RF Antenna Shiva GE-1206

1.Sound and light alarm system .The humanized detail design makes it easier to protect the goods.
2.The receiver system use analog four filter network technology and digital filter technology, which can isolate interferential wave furthest
3.Use digital frequency point modulation technology, which can avoid the frequency disturbance effectively.
4. The environment noise detection technology makes the system have the best environmental self-adapting capability.
5. The AGC technology makes the product much easier to install and debug.
6. It has high sensitivity and can be adjusted according to the market.
7. Material: Aluminum alloy, high strength and durable

Operating Temperatures
-35º F (-37º C) to 158º F (70º C)
To 95% noncondensing
Tuning Automatic

Detecting distance 0.9m-1.8m
Scab frequency 7.7-8.7Mhz
Work Frequency 8.2MHz±0.5MHz
Power supply 220V/AC
Power ≤15W
Dimensions 1580 mm*370 mm*100 mm
Carton size 1600 mm(L)*385 mm(W)*165 mm(H)
G.W. 20kg(Approximate)

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